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selling the stock. >> watch these closely. if apple and the kindle go up so do these. and thank you for watch keep it right here. number one business block continues with cheryl casone yecashin' in. government is the only thing we all belong tompt we are in different churchs and clubs and we are together as part of our city, county or state. >> the government is the only thing we all belong to. that is a video from the democratic national convention said. now a new push to getet government out of our lives by privatizing entire cities. this will save taxpayers from big government spending. i am cheryl casone, welcome to cashin' in. >> we have wayne, and
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johnathon and lori . john, and joining us is emit. and welcome to all of you . lori, i want to start with you. they are planning to create cities that are private in honduras. this will save us money. >> the united states is going broke. we are watching one city after another going bankrupt and politicians not reigning in the spending . cities are losing funding from the state as well as the federal government. why in the bring in private enterprise. they have all of the carb and they can maintain levels of risk. gost is notorous for running business badly. >> what do you think. you think it is making them private. >> you am see a privatization waive in america.
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they are weighing in on the tol road and airports and turn into a private sector option. that's going to happen because of the budget. cities get 41 percent half of the revenue from the state. >> the state gets 36 percent from the government. the cities in san bernardino they are firing school crossing guards because they don't have the money. >> they have 12 cones in oregon and seeing funding cuts and you are seeing the wave of privatization. >> you know what, this is done in other countries around the world and this idea is frankly not knew. you think it would work in the united states? >> it worked in hong kong and singapore. the big example we use is sandy springs in fulton county, georgia that is notorously privatized. they have suffered 36 million
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a year . it may not always work. >> i love how the britain knows more about georgia than i do. wayne, what do you say? >> this expresses two sides of it. the larger the city more difficult it is to manage and operate it. we have had four cities in the state of california that went broke in the last couple of years of the city. they spent 80 percent of the budget. and you can't continue that and city gave the city manager an 800,000 year contract and then retire them. you can't continue it. john is right. if you contract out it will bring down the costs. >> interesting point here.
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a lot of the things we see in cities in the country would never fly in major corp rages. they are private prices. >> government is force . so physical force is what we need government for. and so the courts and military and that can be privatize. and that is the role of government. the problem is now we need to privatize city services and not city government . the policl function of government . all of the health care and education and the roads and the airports and airports, and private all of that. that needs preedom and not government force. that is the way we have citis and governments set up today. >> lori, there is a lot of things that are done better if they were run like corporations .
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bring in the private sector. you are going to bring costs down. you mentioned the hondor us example posting 5,000 new jobs created because of this model . our lands are being taken away unjustly. who wants a land that is bankrupt et cetera. >> there is piece in california that i would like to take over. that is a good point. honduras example sounds out there on the out set. but we have to do something and at least we are throwing the idea out there for people to think about it. good oversight and solid contracts. and parking meters are paying out. >> that is a government enterprise. >> you need both government
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and privatization. and then it might work. you saw the contracts. >> but there is a lot of private roads that are successfully made in europe. in england many privatized roads and ends up a cost benefit for the government. they get a lump sum payment. but the dnc thinks only the government can build a road and your own country proves it is not. >> the government builds the roads. >> there you go. >> in the uk. >> i am confusedioabout your example johnathon. >> i will go on the brit. i think it is the accent. it is the way she said it. your pound earlier. it is an more privatization of roads and things that our president said he builds or
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whatever they build. and same time we are going to save those same roads. we'll go to a provide model. she is a smart lady and sounds more intelligent with that acent. and compared to a texan. i read the mag nacarter and sound like jed clampet. one point you are making is right. we don't have the money to service the roads. politicians that are getting 41 percent of the revenue in the state . we will not pay future obligation. but free pizza for the world and worry about paying it off letter. they would not fly in private enterprise . what is cut is your social service and police and you have to privatize these things just for the sake. >> and you want to privatize the police, john, really. >> you privatize the assets.
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you will free up the revenue. you will not have the revenue to cover all that you need. >> also to john's point. that is a big drain on people. would congress go for any of this. >> if you break it up. we have a certain kind. for the city of new york. you have a port authority and an authority that is quaza private and bonding and they are overseeing it. i am surprised at you. i thought you were on the right. you want to drive on the left side of the road? >> it is railways that are privatized and hasn't always worked. but they are privatized. roads i need to double check. >> there she goes with the
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accent. and that is establishing in the first part of the show. stick around. we have a lot more coming up. >> it is hurting the job market. that is with what some in the main stream media are saying. and plus how our misical drift is making america global competiveness fall off of a christ. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> after finding out 12 million and half americans are out of a job one stat is showing that people who do have one are working harder to keep that job. worker productivity rising two and half percent. the increase is hurting the job market. but wayne said the opposite is actually true. how do you figure, wayne. >> productivity helps the
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activity. one guy can make it better or cheeper. that increases activity . the other people compete and hire more people and create more jobs to do it better. every time you are doing it better you are creating economic activity and that is best for everyone. >> is that best for workers or business. >> it is great to be productive but a boss can only squeeze so much out of you and at some point companies will have to add workers. productivity increase is a leading indicator of additional creation. we want to get paid for the productivity. i will you what. that ising from one of the
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hardest working women. >> the workers are is for the worker themselves. we can see they are stream lining away . the had the gets better. it is dependant on the politician . the issue of can it is better for the company to have a better worker. >> yes, it is better. the economy should be measured by the number of jobs that are destroyed and not the number of jobs that are created.
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it is the destruction of jobs that frees us up and creates new jobs and a limited amount of wealth that is created . if it was not like for the cotin gin, we would be in the fields right now. thanks to productivity. we have people who are employed to great people. that is because of productivity. >> we can totally rearrange . >> my point to johnathon, is it better for the company. if i hear about a tired air traffic controller and planes hitting each other. it is bad for business to have a worker that is too stressed out and they are not effective in the job. >> you have a job and you should be happy about it. and that is the most
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ridiculous thing we have. in the we have strengthure imboyment . there is 22,000.employees. and without a event. we'll see high unemployment and they are not needing more oomphees. >> that does fly against the point. can you respond. and in the overall economy. if they are producing more or doing better. that creates more jobs and more demand. that is a final word.
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the panel hit it on the head. there is a limited amount of the wealth that is created and if people can save money by firing worker in one air. new job is created and new jobs are create more wealth for all is shared . >> great discussion for a group of hard working people on the fox news channel. u.s. falling off of the cliff. fixing the fiscal cliff.
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>> coming up. the u.s. is plunging in global competiveness. the best way to pump america up. and why
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>>y i am uma in washington. we have breaking newings. new york city under a tornado watch. all five burr ouvs are covered under the watch. it was issued for queens county. again all five burroughs on the other hand a tornado watch. in other news a busy campaign weekend. president obama is wrapping up a event in florida now going to kissimee. governor robinson has campaign events in the nascar speed way and museum. >> and killing of border patrol briantery. we'll have more on that. they will be joining us and we'll have more don't go away. stay with us.
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>> the u.s. economy falling further behind in the world. we were number one the year before president obama took office . the worries that we are falling over the fiscal cliff. and you got to see it. it is a typical solution where the people kick the can down the road. the result of that always is a disaster thing. dodd-frank it was bill . that is what will happen were you surprised. >> it is heart breaking.
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they invented the phrase . and the we used to make fun of the uyo and now with have the chevy volt. but i am worried about the capitalism and free market. >> switzerland and singapore and negare land and sweden? >> sig pore always you can slightly ignore them. i wouldn't be too scared about it. four european union countries are ahead of america. remember the euro wrone and quike frankly it is a you are doing better here than in europe. >> we are glad you are here. >> we do have a fis dal cliff.
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>> we have to do something now. wayne is right. we have the most incept congress in history. they passed po're 54 of those. they are getting nothing done and putting out horrible legislation . you have tech companies moving to china because of their we have to do it better from ground up. >> uncertainty. we are talking about a distrust. are we getting pending cuts.
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they are not hiring workers. >> that is a problem for the stock mark and workers as well >> what is government going to do. stimulus or hand out to solyndra. 3.0 or 4.0. american businesses can do fine if the government gets the heck out of the way. thank you for having us . >> forget the quarterback. attacking business and a new report showing that the season is kicking us where it hurts . h. hey, good call on those mugs.
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can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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>> what do i need to know for next week? >> with the nfl season kicking
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off. fantasy players. 6 and half it costs in lost productivity. and according to the survey. it is unbelievable. the average is that folks who play spend an our tweaking their teams and managing their roster. >> and of all of the new york giant fans. my cowboys are undefeated in the nfl. >> they are booing among the crew. go with a dallas company that is paying difdens . kimberley clark. >> wayne? if you are looking at biotech. it is in the area of genetics and it is tol ed. i think the government

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